Singing Lessons For Vocalists – 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Voice

Here are 5 helpful methods to help you become a better singer and start singing with more confidence.

How To Sing Vowels Better

You can get immediately noticeable changes in your singing voice by learning to sing the vowels correctly in a blended voice. This video shows the correct regions of your body that each vowel should resonate with when singing so that you can sing with the best tonal quality. It will also show you how to position your lips and mouth when singing each vowel so that you sound better.

3 Exercises to Help You Sing In Your Mixed Voice

This video outlines a simple and effective three step process for singing in your mixed voice.

How To Use Mask Method For Singing High Notes Better

Learn how you can use the resonance in your pharyngeal cavity to sing higher with ease especially in your mixed voice.

How To Sing With Vibrato

A simple exercise to help you add more vibrato in your singing voice.

How To Prevent Vocal Breaks

A technique to avoid vocal break when singing from low notes to high notes by using your mixed voice to bridge the gap.