Online Voice Lessons – 14 Detailed Vocal Training Classes For Singing Better

Here is a complete step by step vocal training program to teach you how to become a better singer quickly. Anyone can learn how to improve their singing voice irrespective of natural talent. Follow these 14 lessons from start to end and practice the singing exercises given in each video to boost your voice to its full singing potential.

Lesson 1: How To Stand When Singing

Lesson 2: How To Breathe When Singing

Lesson 3: Warm Up and Cool Down Singing Exercises

Lesson 4: Understanding Vocal Registers

Lesson 5: How To Blend Vocal Registers

Lesson 6: How To Improve Tonal Clarity

Lesson 7: How To Control Your Pitch

Lesson 8: How To Increase Your Vocal Range

Lesson 9: How To Control Your Voice Tone For Better Consistency

Lesson 10: How To Project Your Voice Properly

    Lesson 11: How To Increase Vocal Agility

    Lesson 12: Top Vocal Tricks, Licks ? Styles

      Lesson 13: How To Deliver Your Best Performance

      Lesson 14: How To Sing In Your High Voice